Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There's something I've always appreciated about having a little look behind the scenes of something successful. Am I alone in that? I really appreciate a candid look at another person's business, seeing what is working for them and how their business is lining up with their goals. I love numbers and data and analyzing my own stats (part of why I always run with my garmin*). But at the same time, for some odd reason I have a hard time with keeping up on my monthly accounting tasks. Even though they should fall under the umbrella of data, numbers and statistics, they feel so tedious and boring.

In an effort to be more helpful and transparent to my readers and customers AND as an added motive to keep up on the tasks that I dread the most, I've decided to start talking more openly about my business:  the numbers, the stats, the systems, the tools, the experiments and the changes I'm trying to implement to become more successful. And the plan is to talk about it all right here, on my blog. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Modern Family Update Holiday Photo Card

The modern family update holiday photo card design has been very popular in my shop and I get a lot of questions about what can and cannot be changed - number of photos, layout, headings, etc.  Here are some past orders I have done that will give you an idea of a few different configurations.

 This family kept the same general layout, changed a few headings and used three photos instead of two.
 This family had a slight layout change, ditched the illustrations, changed headings and colors.
 Here's a vertical layout of the design with a single photo.
 These guys brought in a bright and colorful palette and flipped the location of the photos and text.
 Here's a cute yellow take on the design with three photos instead of two.
 Don't have enough text to fill out the card?  No problem.  I can add snowflakes or a Christmas tree if your card is looking bare.

Monday, April 21, 2014

LDS Missionary Announcements

Eighteen months ago, the age requirement for young people serving LDS missions was lowered to 18 for young men and 19 for young women.  The result? An unprecedented surge of missionaries entering the mission field - including 58 brand new missions around the world.  I designed several missionary announcements - with sister missionaries in mind - along with coordinating missionary address cards and return address labels.  These have been very popular over the past year and I hope to keep adding more!  Here are a few favorites:

All of these (and many more designs) are available for purchase in my etsy shop!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Confetti Birthday Party - Inspiration Board

I love the idea of a confetti themed birthday party.  It's simple, traditional, festive and just a little bit delicate.  After seeing this darling smash cake, I was inspired and designed a new confetti themed birthday party invitation.  There are lots of great confetti inspired cakes, decorations and treats to create the perfect party!
You can view all of my sources and even more inspiration on my confetti party pinterest board.

The Perfect Rainbow Birthday Party - New and Improved Party Board

The rainbow party board was one of the first that I put together.  It's safe to say that since then, people have taken party planning to a whole new level and inspiration for great parties is abundant!  I've pulled together some of my favorite (more recent) finds for the perfect rainbow birthday party.  It all starts with the Color Burst Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation.  The rest, well... check it out below!

All of my sources, and even MORE inspiration can be found on my rainbow party pinterest board.