Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photo Tip of the Week :: Group Photos

This week we are thrilled to have guest photographer Megan Stay here to give us a great tip. Megan has an extensive background in photography: she's worked for photography studios in NYC, galleries in Las Vegas, got a BA in Photography from BYU, and does professional shoots in Las Vegas, California and Utah. She blogs at Mrs. MRS and A Life in Polaroid. Be sure to check out her photography site as well.

It can be so hard to place people well in group photos. Well is the key word. Anyone can tell people to get in close and smile but when taking a family photo, especially larger ones it can be hard to make sure everyone is seen and most important you don't have any totem poles.

Totem poles?!

I'm sure you're wondering what this crazy photographer is talking about. This happens when you have two people standing one in front of the other and their heads line up exactly one on top of the other.

This picture has a purposeful totem pole, but you get the idea.Try to make sure everyone has their own space. Bring people in close together. Remind them they like each other. And don't be afraid to get close to your subjects with the camera.
Now get out there and shoot!

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