Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Family Photo Tip #1

Over the next few days, we'll be giving you some great tips on taking the perfect family photo for your holiday photo card.

From now until the new year, everyone will be bustling about, with busy schedules and packed calendars. It can be especially difficult to get your family together for a photo shoot! Aside from the fact that many families are sprawled across the country, most of us have other priorities and short attention spans.

Tip #1 is to plan your photo shoot!

Send out an email before everyone packs to come home for Thanksgiving so they'll know that it will be part of the weekend. Set a specific time and day (preferably within an hour of sunrise or sunset if you're doing an outdoor shoot) and make sure everyone is on board. This will help you avoid complaining and conflict when the set time rolls around. After you set the date (and time), scout out your location a day or two in advance. Try and go during the same time of day you're planning your shoot and make sure there aren't any weird shadows or anything. Hopefully making a plan will make shooting your family photos that much easier!

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