Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Every Color

Now you can make even more of a statement with your invitation or announcement!  I am so excited to be offering envelopes in nearly every color imaginable.  My envelopes are available in sets of 25 and ship within five days.  White envelopes still ship within one business day, as does any of my in-house stock of colored envelopes.

These colors are $5.50 per set of 25.  They are A7 size and perfect for your 5x7 photos or cards.  You'll also be happy to know that they all contain 20-30% PCW (post-consumer waste - that means recycled material).  They are nice and sturdy 60 lb. envelopes.  Midnight and Natural are 70 lb.

These colors are $6.00 for a set.  They are also A7 size and some are even 100% PCW.  One of my favorites is Grocery Bag.  It has the texture and weight of a grocery bag and they are just awesome envelopes.  For the details by color (or to purchase), click here.

These last ones may be my favorites!  You've probably seen cute Japanese tape featured all around the blogosphere lately -- well now you've got envelopes to match!  These Japanese washi dot envelopes are so cute and would be perfect for birth announcements, shower invitations or any other fun occasion!  They are $6.50 a set.  Order them here.

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