Saturday, August 13, 2011

Holiday Photo Contest

We've been working on some fresh new designs for the holidays and need some fabulous photos to really make them pop.  Sugarhouse Ink is inviting our fans to submit their favorite photos to be featured in our new designs in our shop.  If you're a great photographer or just think you have the cutest kids around, now is the time to show them off!

We're hoping to select a variety of winners - all of whom will receive a free customized photo card design plus a generous discount code to share with friends and family.  A "fan favorite" will be chosen who will receive a free design and discount code as well as 25 free Premium Prints (over $80 value). An "editor's choice" grand prize winner will also be chosen who will additionally receive 50 free Premium Prints (over $100 value).

Submit photos of:
-Children (newborn on up)

Photos can be:
-posed or unposed
-professionally taken or informal snapshots
-black and white or color

Please don't submit:
-Photos with red eye
-Photos with harsh shadows

How it works
1. Submit as many photos as you like.  We're looking for photos that will make the designs shine!  Please don't submit anything that you wouldn't consider sending out in a photo card of your own.  These should be only the best photos you've got!
2. The submission deadline is midnight (MDT) September 2, 2011.
3. Please encourage friends and family to submit photos as well!
4. Encourage friends and family to "like" your submissions on facebook and make comments on them as well.  The number of likes and comments will be taken into consideration for the "fan favorite" winner.
5. Winners will be announced on September 10, 2011.

How to submit your photo(s)
1. Visit Sugarhouse Ink on facebook:
2. "Like" Sugarhouse Ink if you're not already a fan
3. On the wall click the photo icon near the top of the page
4. Upload your photo and type anything you'd like us to know about it (or nothing at all)
5. Click "share."
6. Feel free to invite your friends to "like" your photo - these will count as votes for the fan favorite prize!

Fine Print
-Prizes are limited to one per participant (for example you cannot win editor's choice AND fan favorite, even for different photos)
-Please only submit your own photos
-If you are a winner, your photos may be featured in our card design samples, in our online shop and on our website.  If you are a winner, you must submit a model release form.  If your photos were taken by a professional photographer, you must submit a photographer release form as well.  Details on these formalities will be emailed out to the winners.  Prizes cannot be awarded to winners who are unable to provide completed forms.
-You will be contacted via facebook if you are a winner
-Prizes must be claimed and ordered on or before December 31, 2011

Leave a comment if you have any questions!  Looking forward to your entries!

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