Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Party Board #3 - Tie Dye Party

My cute niece is a budding artist and recently turned 13.  She wanted to have a colorful tie dye party without being heavily themed with the often-tied-to-tie-dye peace signs, hippie references, or the 60's in general.  She provided white t-shirts for everyone to dye, but they could bring their own white articles to dye as well.  Darling, right?  I created this board more focused on color rather than just tie dye and found some great ideas and supplies for the perfect party.  I love the idea of focusing on warm (red, pink, orange, yellow) or cool (blue, green, aqua, purple) colors so it seems a little more focused and isn't just all over the rainbow (like a rainbow party should be).  This would work great for a colorful art themed party as well.  Here's the party board inspired by her colorful tie dye party!

Candles: Pretty Tall Candles
Cake: A Pretty Warm, Cool or Ombre Cake would work great!
Cookies: Tie Dye Cookies
Candy: Candy Kabobs
Invitation: Tie Dye Colorful Splats
Serving Bowls: Streak Dyed Bowl
Cups, Napkins, Plates: Summer Lovin'
Dip Dyed Paper Cups (for centerpieces or decor) from Design Sponge
Tie Dye Tissue Paper (for wrapping, decor, or as a craft) from Honest to Nod
Zig Zag Streamers from Oh Happy Day


Heather Richardson said...
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Heather Richardson said...

Wow - so cute! I'm glad the party is over so I don't feel inspired to do all of those things! We LOVED the invitation you made for the party - and I will say we actually DID use the Summer Lovin' plates, napins and forks - they were on half price sale at Party City and they were perfect! Pictures of the party coming soon...

I Heart Salt Lake said...

Love the tie dye!