Saturday, October 8, 2011

winter is on it's way!

Here in Utah we have already had our first good snowstorm!  Can you believe it?  I always consider snow before Halloween a [not so welcome] sign of an extra long winter ahead... But the mountains look beautiful with their brilliant fall leaves AND a fresh dusting of white. No matter how early that first snowfall is, it's a reminder that the holiday season is just around the corner!

October is a great month to start planning for your holiday photo cards and get them checked off that never-ending holiday to-do list.  My family and I are going to have our photos taken in the next few weeks so it's one less thing to worry about in that chaotic post-Thanksgiving frenzy.  What about you?  When are you getting your photos taken this year?

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Heather Richardson said...

I'm planning to get our Christmas photos taken with Mickey Mouse on the Big Red Boat! Will you be our photographer?