Thursday, October 9, 2014

Modern Family Update Holiday Photo Card

The modern family update holiday photo card design has been very popular in my shop and I get a lot of questions about what can and cannot be changed - number of photos, layout, headings, etc.  Here are some past orders I have done that will give you an idea of a few different configurations.

 This family kept the same general layout, changed a few headings and used three photos instead of two.
 This family had a slight layout change, ditched the illustrations, changed headings and colors.
 Here's a vertical layout of the design with a single photo.
 These guys brought in a bright and colorful palette and flipped the location of the photos and text.
 Here's a cute yellow take on the design with three photos instead of two.
 Don't have enough text to fill out the card?  No problem.  I can add snowflakes or a Christmas tree if your card is looking bare.

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