Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There's something I've always appreciated about having a little look behind the scenes of something successful. Am I alone in that? I really appreciate a candid look at another person's business, seeing what is working for them and how their business is lining up with their goals. I love numbers and data and analyzing my own stats (part of why I always run with my garmin*). But at the same time, for some odd reason I have a hard time with keeping up on my monthly accounting tasks. Even though they should fall under the umbrella of data, numbers and statistics, they feel so tedious and boring.

In an effort to be more helpful and transparent to my readers and customers AND as an added motive to keep up on the tasks that I dread the most, I've decided to start talking more openly about my business:  the numbers, the stats, the systems, the tools, the experiments and the changes I'm trying to implement to become more successful. And the plan is to talk about it all right here, on my blog. Stay tuned!

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